System Maintenance 2015-11-02 12:00 EST to 14:00 EST

Hey folks,
we are scheduling system maintenance for today at 12pm eastern standard time. We are giving it a 2 hour window to compensate for any unforeseen issues that may occur, but we do not expect to consume the entire window. Please let us know if you experience any issues outside of this window and check back on this post for updates.

The purpose of this maintenance is to upgrade our web servers to more beefy ones. The newer servers are already staged for the migration, and we will start the backup / migration process as soon as we shut all the existing services down. For further information, feel free to use the contact form on the main page prior to the migration. If you experience issues with the contact form, email us directly

Update 2:07 PM EST
Maintenance is complete. We got started a bit later but the timeframe from start to finish was pretty short. All systems should be a go! The only exception to this is the txtbelt system that has been running at We will get this back up and running as soon we get a chance. Thanks for your patience.
Again, if there are any additional issues, please feel free to contact us about it. Thanks!

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New VPS – Digital Ocean

We have migrated hosts from a vps in Kansas ( to a new VPS in New York (Digital Ocean). The migration process went really smoothly, all certificates, databases, and configurations have been migrated along with all software installations and files. If any problems are noticed, please feel free to contact me using the contact form, or directly @


P.S. If you are interested in a new VPS, please use the following referral link at Digital Ocean []

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Mail Server Problems Resolved

We were having problems with our local SMTP server and it sending emails to internal addresses (other users).
This problem has been resolved and all email holders will now properly receive emails from the web server. Thanks!

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New SSL Certificate

All HTTP requests to the default domain,, will redirect to HTTPS(SSL) using a class-1 certificate from
Any subdomain user that wishes to apply their own ssl certificate will need to contact their administrator (You may use our contact form for this). Enjoy your secure browsing!

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New Website has been revamped and placed on our own personal VPS for hosting. If there are any questions or comments concerning this migration please feel free to let us know your thoughts using the contact form (link provided in the main navigation) or in the comments of this post.
The intention of this website is still latent, and could potentially be revealed soon enough. Stay tuned!

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